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Some Comments:

“Can’t describe how grateful I am (now to God) that I found your channel. I found your website theserapeum about two weeks ago and I’ve been a believer for about two weeks haha I’ve always been a huge conspiracy theorist and I had one come to Jesus moment in 2018 but it was all from/about fear and I went back to sleep …

I almost can’t believe I figured it out once and let the world talk me out of it. But both times it has been from understanding evil is real first … then flat earth – – flat earth has been my catalyst both times where in an instant it all clicks and you go from a Godless universe to realizing that …. God is real.

I just happened to go on amazing polly’s website once day because I was sick of not being able to find any info. I went and clicked on one of her videos and it was you and you mentioned and I went straight there and spent about … well I haven’t stopped watching since to be honest! It’s been a um lot of hours and I’m in heaven! This is what I’ve been looking for for so long I could cry

I really can’t thank you enough Dustin. You are saving people lives out here.”


“Wow. Incredibly thorough reveal. Thank you Dustin. Every Christian is responsible for coming out of their complacent slumber and be wise to the insidious wiles of their adversary. This presentation shows the enormity of the satanic agenda and the multitude of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Until Christ Jesus comes into His kingdom, the prince of the air continues being the ruler of this world. Christ in you, the hope of glory. Amen.”



“Thank you for answering my question. The Serapeum is like an oasis for those of us who’ve been wandering in the desert. Thank you!”
~ Ej2112

“Dustin – I want to tell you, I have watched all of the His story episodes and parts. Waiting for more. I share these with friends. You want feedback – there’s mine. I am blown away every time and can’t wait for the next.”

~Lori F

“I’ve watched and listened to almost all of Dustin’s work and it is the most eye opening documentary I’ve ever seen.
Dustin hats off to you and your determination researching this information on His Story and the fact that GOD our Father has always been present in our lives and he will defeat evil.
Thanks Dustin”
~Tony R

“Amazing, I don’t get bored listening to you. I learn so much. Mostly jaw dropping. I end up understanding More and more which brings me closer to God. I thank you so much. You’re my church! Sounds silly maybe, I just can’t relate to the churches around here,
God bless you Dustin.”

“just had to literally restart my phone to finish watching this!! The “powers that be” apparently do not realize how these treatments just compell some to share the information shown here, even more diligently. Truth/Good/God vs. Lies/Evil/Satan This is all, literally BIBLICAL!! The questions are why? For what purpose? Is this whole situation man made or created by a higher power? For what reasons…to humble the people, force them to step back and revert back to respecting one another or is it a power trip thing…all about control? hmmm…”



Reader’s Digest on me: Black Pilled to the max, feel like I’m in a simulation, sponge for information, absolute news junkie yet believe nothing from our government/MSM/bio/defense industrial complex it’s literally run by baby eating Luciferians… I’m on board with everything you say, and probably that which you would hesitate to say in even a black pilled group, so please speak freely and with abandon with me at all times.

I must tell you up front, I’m not as far along in my reconnection to YHWH as you are after so many years of denying him in ignorant scientism. I am determined to read the Bible cover to cover, 10 pages a day to allow reflection, but this has already presented some problems. 3 versions of the Bible on my shelf already having significant differences midway through Genesis! I seem to like The New International Bible as it is Greek, Latin, Orthodox synthesized (supposedly), but need a recommendation on a version that takes me back as close as I can be to His word.

Big tip of the hat for the The Serapeum! I am on part 10 of His-Story. Astonishing amount of material you have compiled. It is so engrossing it has put all other forms of video information on hold until completion! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Keep doing His work, Dustin!



“This was excellent!!!!! I cried, I laughed, I was disgusted how we the American people are being treated. Kudos to you my friend for this video. It should be out there everywhere!!!! Stay strong.i am so grateful Jesus gave me the strength to get through all this going on and the discernment for the truth,, “his truth”. God Bless you!”



Dustin, I’ve been waiting my entire life to receive the info you share. Apparently my role was not researcher. So many things I knew were not right, but I didn’t know what was. Your documentaries are the first explanation of anything in my life that makes sense ????
I am learning and will share as much as I can




My Forte with my husband is spiritual warefare, not history although I have studied much also. We have seen in our warfare these truth the Dustin puts fact to. It makes us easy to believe because our experiences. But for most the masses who have to get rid of their programming, much of it from Rockerfeller controlled churches, these truths come really hard. Ask for Wisdom everyday and for Holy Spirit to show you!



The elites tell people what they are doing, right in front of their faces. Once one knows how to interpret their form of communication through signs, symbols, and code words, one can be in on those communications and have a better understanding of what Dustin is sharing with you. Dustin is putting himself out there to share this knowledge and try to educate the ignorant. I think we should extend our thanks to such individuals, so thank you Dustin.